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Hi, I'm Annemarie Boss

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About Physio Boss

I started Physio Boss in December 2018, it was easy to come up with that name but it did take me a while to decide if I was game enough to actually use it but it is my last name so Physio Boss it is.

I think I have the best job in the world as I get to meet the most wonderful children and their parents and on a lucky day play and laugh the whole day. Of course there is also work to be done and I do take that very seriously but strongly believe in creating an environment where there is room for learning, exploring and a bit of fun. In my Physio sessions I will always start with a thorough assessment to determine the issues that we need to work on then I will design a treatment plan together with you and your child to make sure any exercises or activities recommended actually fit in your life and lifestyle. 

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